Coronavirus Update

These are unprecedented times, and as a small family run business, as always, we are keen to look after our valued members who make up the Endeavour Family.

Right now, we are sure some of you may have questions about how the recent events may be affecting your memberships. We have therefore put together this short guide to keep you up to date until we are able to welcome you back to Endeavour, in what is hopefully the not too distant future.

All guidelines set out below are subject to continuous changes, and will continually be reviewed in keeping with the ever-evolving government guidelines.

All memberships will be reviewed carefully, and on an individual basis.

However; should your membership be paid in full, or be paid by monthly direct debit we will absolutely be honouring any training time missed in the academy. By either adding this to the end of each membership, thus extending each renewal date by a minimum of one month and maximum of three months. Alternatively, by delaying subsequent payments of this equal time frame once the academy reopens and we are able to discuss such amendments with you in person. All are membership dependant.

We are of course aware, this isn’t applicable for all of our members and therefore, those that do not fit this general guidance will be further reviewed on an individual basis, and will be discussed with you upon returning to the academy.

We appreciate each individuals’ circumstances are different, and these brief guidelines may not answer all of your questions. Therefore, if you do have any questions, regarding your membership, training, future gradings or anything else at all, please do not hesitate to contact our Owner & Chief Instructor Mr Tom Cutforth today.


Please contact either via,


Social media / Facebook direct message; Endeavour Martial Arts

Leaving a voicemail on; 01302 322229 where we will aim to call you back as soon as possible.


In the meantime, don’t forget we have LIVE classes twice a week for all of our members, friends and family to join in with everyone is welcome, as well as over 60 pre-recorded home training videos to try at a convenient time for you. All of which can be found on our Facebook Page – Endeavour Martial Arts.

Thank you once again for all of your continued support, and we look forward to welcoming you all back very soon!

Team Endeavour