Living the Blackbelt Lifestyle

Living the black belt lifestyle

Our past three blog posts talked about the differences between getting a Black Belt and “becoming” one. We shared stories and analogies to help you see the importance of “living” the black belt lifestyle as opposed to just “getting” a black belt. Here is a quick review:

The stories of the BONSAI TREE and the GREAT SEQUOIA TREES made us realize that we get to choose who we want to be, and what we become with our lives. Unlike these two trees that have no choice in what they are – we get to choose! We can choose to be mighty and great like the Sequoia trees or we can choose to stop growing and waste our potential for greatness.

The story of the old man who was challenged by the two boys that had a bird in their hands reminds us that where we end up in life is “in our hands”. You are responsible for you! The decisions you make will move you closer to your goals or further away. You have the power to choose – so choose wisely.

Finally, we talked about the Loser’s Limp. When people fall into negative thinking, they tend to make a variety of excuses for their behaviors. It’s easy for us to make an excuse as to why we aren’t giving our best to become our best. We can say; “It’s too hard, or, no one else does it”. But excuses don’t make you better. When you make excuses you’re not being honest with yourself and the only thing you are doing is stunting your own growth.

A true Black Belt is one of the Heart. It’s someone who demonstrates that they live the black belt lifestyle of excellence on and off the mats.

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