Stand out from the crowd ! 

  It’s about going the extra mile to prove that you are one of a kind in skills, talent, or personality. Standing out from the crowd is about trying to live your best and be your best.
2. When talking, it is important to come across as self assured and knowledgeable, so be sure to have done your research and know your facts beforehand. This might be teaching concepts or sharing a mat chat.
3. Take chances and work hard. Risks and chances are the things in life that can catapult you forward if they work out. Many people won’t take up the challenge because they’re afraid of failure. Yet, without failure nothing new can be gained and it is only those who are willing to take risks and to work hard at their dreams who eventually break through and succeed. Have a well-placed sense of faith in your mission, and a willingness to take risks if you want to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to compete, be part of a demonstration, lead a class or speak to groups.
4. Say Thank You for all the little things people do, as well as the big things. Send thank you cards to people who have helped you. 
5. When you make someone a promise, do your very best to keep it. People who stand out from the crowd are people who keep their word and follow up their promises to help, to be somewhere, to do something for someone. The reason you’ll stand out is because so many people do not do what they say they will. Reliability makes you memorable and causes you to stand well above all the forgotten promise-breakers.
6. Standing out from the crowd often means that you take action while everyone else stands back, wondering what to do next. If you learn to sum up situations quickly and to respond according to what needs to be done, you place yourself in a position of being different from the silent majority waiting to be shown what should happen next.
7. Check your posture. The person who stands out from the crowd will also stand tall, no matter your height. Slouching is a defensive strategy that does nothing to draw attention to you in a crowd, not to mention its harm for your overall body alignment.
8. The greatest honor you can do another person is to show you’ve really heard them, and to show that what they’ve said matters. Since most people are too busy wondering what to say next, and how to explain their own thoughts, feelings, and ideas, a listener will stand out from the rest. Be willing to give people the space to talk about themselves and show that you clearly respect their thoughts. Not only will this flatter them and reassure them that they matter, but they’ll realize very quickly that you’re someone to treasure and they’ll follow your lead.
9. Remind people how great they are. Regularly single out people in your life, from the workplace to home, to remind them how great they are. So few of us take the time to acknowledge the people in our lives whom we take for granted that when someone does validate us in this way, it comes as a totally sweet surprise and is so out of the ordinary that it gets remembered. It’s also a very genuine way of establishing rapport with people, and maintaining goodwill.
10. Smile. There are never enough smiles to go around; be someone who provides at least five smiles for every one frown you spot.

Martial Arts … Mind & Body Workout 

Stress is part of everyone’s life, yet much can be reduced and controlled. Being aware of how your body responds to stress is number 1.
Do you notice any of these stress indicators?
1. Headache

2. Muscle spasms 

3. Tightening of the neck, shoulder and back muscles

4. Anxiety

5. Rapid heart beat

6. Frustration

7. Anger

8. Hostility

9. Eating too much

10. Drinking too much.
In the martial arts, practitioners are taught to control stress through proper breathing. A few times a day take 10. Ten deep controlled breaths. Breathe in and hold the breath for 5 seconds and slowly let it out saying 10 and counting down. Control you breath so the exhale takes a long of longer then taking the breath. Use the time to concentrate on the breathing, holding and counting so you are completely focused. Repeat for ten cycles of inhalation and exhalation, filling to maximum capacity and emptying completely with each breath.
Next take time to talk to someone and socialize daily. We find out selves working alone or spending time online. Be sure to have interactions with others.
Last get some exercise that is moderate in intensity and allows some stress reduction. Hitting and kicking pads is very therapeutic.
Martial Arts is a great exercise program that trains Mind and Body. It defiantly has stress reduction exercise, breathing and a great community of people dedicated to overall health and well being.

Grading Days Approaching

Grading week is nearly with us! It’s now time to push through those final obstacles and fine tune everything ready for the big day. 

Make sure you are booked in and know the time and date of your test. 

Any questions regarding your grading please speak to a member of the team today!! 

Overweight children: advice for parents

If your child is overweight, there’s lots you can do to help them become a healthy weight as they grow.

As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to tell that your child is overweight. A child may not look particularly heavy to be overweight. And because more children are becoming heavier at a younger age, we’ve become used to seeing bigger children. 
Research shows children who achieve a healthy weight tend to be fitter, healthier, better able to learn, and more self-confident. They’re also less likely to have low self-esteem or be bullied. And they’re much less likely to have health problems in later life.
As a parent, there’s lots you can do to help your child become a healthier weight. Getting them to be more active and eat well is important. Here’s some practical advice to help you.
Steps for success
Here are five key ways you can help your child maintain a healthy weight. You can read this whole page or click on the links below to go directly to the topic you want to know about:
Martial Arts lessons are great.
1. Many schools have Very Involved Parent programs for parents looking to be role models.
2. Classes range from 45 – 60 minutes of fun exercise and movements.
3. Teachers are good examples and will talk about eating clean and fitness.
Martial Arts teaches kids a lot!! Team up with a local sensei for a fit and healthy child.
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#throwbackthursday to one of our little champion gradings last year ... this picture perfectly demonstrates the FOCUS being shown by these AWESOME future blackbelts! 🥋

Endeavour Martial Arts ... developing Focus in kids from age 4+

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A HUGE thank you to all the Excellence students, parents & family who came and helped put on some great displays today! You’re dedication to the cause and determination to put on the best performances hasn’t gone unnoticed. Well done to all!

Mr Thorpe

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5 days ago

Endeavour Martial Arts

Cusworth Hall Egg Rolling Easter Event ... ... See MoreSee Less

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🐰🐣🐥Easter Holdiays are here!! 🐥🐣🐰

Our classes though the holidays are going to be #eggcellent!!! And action packed. Here are some important dates for the next couple of weeks ...

🐣Tuesday 16th - Thursday 18th April - Normal Classes

🐥Friday 19th - Monday 22nd April - CLOSED for Easter Weekend

🐰Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 26th April - Normal Classes

🎉Friday 26th April - EASTER FUN CAMP (10am-2pm)

Don’t miss out on a couple of AWESOME weeks at Endeavour.

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#throwback to one of our 2018 Fun camps ... Endeavour version of the classic “Duck Duck Goose” Game ... “Kick Kick Punch”

Our next Fun Camp is 2 weeks today!!

Easter Fun Camp 🐣
Friday 26th April
£10 per student, £5 for buddies


Book in today

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Little clip from last nights #endeavourmuaythai class with @cagedsteelboss ... awesome effort from everyone, and some very cool techniques from Mr Gibbs! ... next one June 27th! ... be there ... #teep #muaythai #doncastermartialarts #doncasterisgreat #endeavourfamily #teamendeavour ... See MoreSee Less

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