Our son started in the youngest class after we were approached by the head instructor Mr Thorpe on one of his promotional outings in the early part of 2013. Martial Arts is something we were interested in when we were young and as well as self-defence we know that as with many Martial Arts come such things as discipline, respect and confidence which we are keen for him to learn and develop as he grows but to find the right place was always a bit of a concern as he was so young at the time and you never know what to expect from places like this. Well.. it turned out we had absolutely no reason to worry where Endeavour was concerned. Mr Thorpe is fantastic with the kids and he really does bring out the best in them, our son has come on leaps and bounds, literally! To see how much he enjoys it even inspired me (Andy) to give it a go. Even for the older ones like myself I found the staff and other students welcoming. The training environment is free from any intimidation and learning the practical applications of various techniques continuously offers me new challenges with a little bit of fun thrown in for good measure while gaining a level of fitness I had long since given up on, which itself continues to grow. Mr Thorpe and all the staff and instructors make an awesome team and there is a great family feel to the place, they really do look after you whatever level you are at and will always go that bit extra to help you improve yourself. We would recommend this Academy to anyone.