Me and my three boys have been training with Mr Thorpe for over two years now. I have to admit a certain degree of trepidation when we started but that was quickly overcome and it as been one of the best lifestyle choices we have made.

The school is professionally managed by Mr and Mrs Thorpe and you never receive anything less than a very warm welcome and plenty of support (whatever your martial arts goals). The instructors, Mr Thorpe, Mrs Smith-Allen, Mr Parsons and Miss Maxfield are all highly skilled martial artists who know how to get the best out of each student and do it in a way that quickly puts students at ease and personalises their training. The curriculum is varied and there is something for everyone. All four of us have different areas that we would say are our ‘favourite’ aspects of training at Endeavour. For Elliot it is sparring, for Henry it is grappling and sparring, Oscar enjoys forms and dodgeball and for me it is Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and the fitness training. The family friendly approach at Endeavour is evident through the number of adult students whose children also train at the school. It creates a fantastic friendly atmosphere where everyone gets along.
I cannot recommend Endeavour Martial Arts highly enough.