The Loser’s Limp!

When someone falls victim to negative thinking, they develop what Zig Ziglar referred to as the “Loser’s Limp.”

You know what the loser’s limp is if you’ve ever seen someone in competition that creates an excuse as to why her or she didn’t win. One of my favorite examples is where an athlete or the team blames the referee for making a bad call that lost them them the game; or worse yet, goes on and one about how bad the referees were. In fact they were so bad that they shouldn’t even be allowed to referee in that league ever again! An athlete that develops the Loser’s Limp will mentally injure himself or herself more so than any physical injury every could.

Living the Black Belt Lifestyle is NOT easy. It’s EASY to give up and make excuses. It’s EASY to develop “THE LIMP!” Don’t let that be you. Acting like a Black Belt takes work – especially when everyone around you seems to enjoying limping around.

Black Belt champions are disciplined and stay focused at the task at hand. Black belts understand that just because you’re a black belt doesn’t mean that you will never fail but it does mean that you will always put forth your best effort regardless of the outcome.

Are there any areas of your life where you may have developed “a limp?” If so, write down all of the reasons why you feel you can’t overcome the obstacle. Don’t miss anything. Then, once you have completed the list crumple up that piece of paper and throw it away!

Now take out a fresh sheet of paper and write down as many solutions as possible. If you run out of ideas ask someone else that you respect and admire that has a positive attitude to help you think up a few more. Once you have your list, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION; nothing will change unless you decide to “Lose the Limp!”

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