About Endeavour

Our Team lead by Mr Tom Cutforth & Mrs Megan Cutforth, have been providing Martial Arts programmes for Kids, Teens & Adults since 2015. Well known for being experts in Family Martial Arts, Mr & Mrs Cutforth and their team of Blackbelt Instructors have graded 1000’s of students to Blackbelt & beyond as well as helping all ages to improve, achieve & succeed in Martial Arts by boosting their; Confidence, Discipline, Focus & Fitness.

Our instructor team has many years martial arts experience, training with the world's best coaches and constantly striving to take their own training to the next level! The instructors at Endeavour pride themselves in seeing every student reach and enhance their potential and grow into strong blackbelts, but not just in martial arts but in life! Our instructors have expertise in a variety of martial arts styles including; Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Karate, MMA & Self Defence. With them all still training and grading in those styles themselves to date.



We have an ever-evolving curriculum which has been specifically designed to give each and every one of our students multiple benefits from fitness and confidence building to self defence. Our curriculum incorporates a combination of techniques found in different martial arts disciplines such as; Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Jiujitsu, BJJ, Kali, MMA and Self Protection. By having such a mix of different styles we have ensured that all students can gain real world benefits from training in our system.

All of our instructors have decades of experience in the variety of martial arts styles which make up our modern curriculum. Our instructor team are dedicated in not only developing our students skills but also their own; all of our instructors actively train on a daily basis, thus ensuring they can be the best martial artists they can be and in turn inspire students to be their best too.

Endeavour Martial Arts is not just another after school activity. Football, Rugby, and Cricket are all great activities for children, but Endeavour Martial Arts is personal development through a physical discipline.


Our exciting yet disciplined classes FOCUS a child’s and adult’s attention, thus improving their own ability to learn. We instil the ability for all our students young and old to be able to; FOCUS on improvement, FOCUS of being their best & to FOCUS on their goals and targets.

Martial Arts is the best individual TEAM sport! Even though a students martial arts journey at Endeavour is their own, that journey would not be possible without the support of thier TEAM. Their TEAM consists of; Parents, Family, Instructors, Friends & Class Mates. We actively remind our students of the importance of supporting our TEAM and being grateful for what our TEAM provides us with…without our TEAM we can’t achieve what we want to achieve both on and off the mats.

Learning & developing builds a sense of accomplishment. With each new accomplishment a student’s SELF CONFIDENCE grows, and confidence is the first step in the empowerment of a person’s physical and mental abilities. With our testing & reward systems we are able to ensure a student’s progress is rightly rewarded and CONFIDENCE is developed to help a student strive not only in martial arts but also in life.

Once we begin to develop a student’s SELF CONFIDENCE, we are then able to instil the important values of RESPECT, COURTESY, HONESTY, PERSEVERANCE and integrity that are the foundation of martial arts dating back thousands of years.