Endeavour goes VIRTUAL

Want to keep you/ your children fit and active?

Is lockdown and home school getting stressful?

Would you love to see your kids stay focussed & engaged during lockdown?

Let us help you with our virtual classes..

The Endeavour Martial Arts ‘VIRTUAL CLASS’ Experience …

  • Action packed Virtual Martial Arts Classes each week Powered by Zoom
  • Sense of normality & structure, through VIRTUAL training with other children 
  • Virtual Classes taught by fully qualified Blackbelt martial arts instructors 
  • Range of curriculum designed to develop all levels & abilities
  • Instant feedback and advice from the instructors before, during and after class 

We offering Children & Adults of Doncaster the chance to take part in our Virtual Classes for FREE through Lockdown.

If you wish to register for FREE Virtual classes for you/your child please click below