Forms Tutorials

Victory Form

Start from ready stance

Combo 1
  • Left chop
  • Right punch (45 degree to the left)
  • Right chop
  • Left punch (to front)
  • Left front snap kick
  • Left low block
Combo 2
  • Rear turning kick (right leg to right stance)
  • Right low block
  • Right high block
  • Left punch
Combo 3
  • Switch stance right punch
  • Right side kick (to 45 degree)
  • Attitude pose
  • Right chop
  • left punch onto one knee
  • Stand up to finishing ready stance.

Watch the Victory Form tutorial

Warrior Form

Start from ready stance

Combo 1
  • Left chop
  • Right chop (45 degree to left – in walking stance)
  • Step right leg forward
  • Left punch (45 degree)
  • Spin back kick left leg toward front (land in left walking stance)
  • Right punch
  • Right axe kick
  • Bring feet together jump left knee strike
  • Right punch onto right knee
Combo 2
  • Stand up spin clockwise and face to 45 degree left, Right chop left punch
  • Spin chop punch (anti-clockwise, to  45 degree)
  • Right chop
  • Left palm strike to front
  • Feet together right downward chop to right corner
  • Right side kick
  • Land knife hand strike
Combo 3
  • Right hand moves first in a circular motion to meet the left on a parallel
  • Step turn to the back
  • Right leg back double low block
  • Left skip front kick
  • Right jump front
  • Full spin
  • Right finger tip strike to back
  • Turn to front finishing technique (right low block, left horizontal head block)

 Watch the Warrior Form tutorial

Excellence Form

Start from ready stance

Combo 1
  • (to left 45 degree) Left chop
  • Right reverse chop
  • Left chop
  • right punch
  • (to right 45 degree) Right high block
  • Left punch
  • Spin chop, palm strike to front
  • Pivot on right foot, spin clockwise to bring left leg to back
  • Right low chop
  • Right tornado kick
  • Right inverted knife hand chop with left arm flat
  • (to right 45 degree) Right chop
  • Left punch
  • Step left leg through turn to back right corner, right low chop
  • Right spin hook kick
  • Land in double low block

Watch the Excellence  Form section 1 tutorial

Combo 2
  • Jump and cross right leg over left, high open hand x strike
  • Spin clock wise to land towards left front 45 degree, land with leg shoulder width apart
  • Switch stance left leg in front of right, double open hand low strike
  • Right axe kick to front
  • Bring feet together jump right leg split turn, land in knife hand strike
  • Turn to left while throwing right horizontal elbow strike, right thrusting elbow to front
  • Spin reverse punch to front, step right leg forward left punch
  • Step left leg to left 45 degree right punch
  • Turn clockwise to face back, left hand to floor while throwing right leg spin hook kick
  • Land facing right side in right front stance, left inward block

Watch the Excellence Form section 2 tutorial

Combo 3
  • Turn to front left chop in left front stance, right chop
  • Step right leg forward, left punch
  • Spin high open hand strike
  • Turn clockwise towards back, right low chop
  • Right skip front kick
  • Right jump front kick
  • Spin land on right knee, right low punch
  • Stand up turn clockwise to right front 45 degree, right high back fist
  • Right punch in left front stance towards left 45 degree
  • Right front kick to left 45 degree
  • Right back kick to right 45 degree
  • Left spin back kick to the front, land right reverse punch in left front stance

Watch the Excellence Form section 3 tutorial

Combo 4
  • Right leg twist kick, land with right leg in front, right low block
  • Take a step forward right low downward block
  • Three right leg side kick (low, mid & high) to front right corner
  • Land to right 45 degree knife hand strike
  • Right chop, left punch in right front stance to right 45 degree
  • Turn to left 45 degree right reverse punch
  • In same stance to front , right chop, left reverse chop, right chop, left punch into right front stance
  • Step left leg forwards, right hand downward slice
  • Spin chop punch to front
  • Right jump spin hook kick, land facing right in sitting stance left middle block
  • Turn to front, left stance right punch
  • Feet together finish position.

Watch the Excellence Form section 4 tutorial

All of the Forms above can be seen demonstrated by Mr Cutforth on the Endeavour YouTube channel.