Frequently Asked Questions

There are often a few questions which many people ask about training at Endeavour Martial Arts. We have compiled the most common of these and answered them as honestly as possible.

1. What martial arts styles do I learn at Endeavour?

At Endeavour we teach a mixture of martial arts styles designed to give all ages a wide range of benefits.

2. What shall I wear to my first class ?

Any loose fitting clothes such as tracksuit bottoms or shorts with a t-shirt or vest. All our training is carried out in bare foot.

3. Do I have to spend a lot of money on equipment to train at Endeavour ?

All training aids such as focus mits & kicking pads are available to all students during classes. However if students wish to purchase their own training aids they are available to order from our Pro-Shop.

4. What is sparring? Do I have to spar straight away?

Sparring is the art of putting all your techniques to the test against a training partner in a competitive & safe environment. It is a light contact element of training which benefits the progression of all ages. Sparring is a required element for all students Purple belt & above. Students will improve their sparring technique through varied drills, games & competition,  this will ensure safety, respect and improvement is always shown whilst sparring.

5. Are there any tests or belts, and can I be a Black Belt?

Yes and absolutely! With the right focus, determination and commitment you can be a Black Belt!

To reach that goal you will have to go through tests, or gradings. These gradings act as a measure of your progress as you train and belts are awarded to mark this.

You will start with a ‘White’ belt and from there up to the ‘Black/White (Cycle)’ belt, providing you follow the recommended training guidelines set by the Academy, gradings will normally occur roughly every three months. Once you reach the ‘Cycle’ belt you can then begin preparation and training to achieve your Black Belt.

The list of belt colours in the order they are attained can be seen below.

Order Of Belts

6. From what age can my child start classes at Endeavour?

We take children from 4 years and above. We have a programme specifically for ages 4-7 called our Little Champions programme. For more information on this and all our other programmes CLICK HERE