Little Champions

The Endeavour Little Champions Programme is for our youngest group of future blackbelts. The programme is specifically designed for 4-7 year olds, ensuring that they have tonnes of fun while also developing vital skills such as Focus, Teamwork, Discipline, Co-Ordination and Memory… just to name a few! Each week the Little Champions will work on a specific skill in order to earn their next colored tag/stripe on their belt. Each colour represents a different skill, for example Red Stripe is for focus and Orange stripe is for memory. All the drills, games and martial arts techniques each week will link to whichever skill is being developed. This programme is one which is fun, exciting, challenging while also vital in developing the children so they have the correct skills to progress to the goal of Blackbelt and beyond.


The Endeavour Basic Programme is for all students starting their journey to Blackbelt. This is a programme which caters for Basic Kids (7+), Basic Teens & Adults (14+). This is a 9 month programme designed to develop the ‘Basics’ so that students are correctly prepared to progress towards the next level. Students will learn basic punches, kicks, self defense techniques, grappling techniques, kickboxing combinations, forms & exercises. All of those skills will ensure the student is having fun, keeping safe, staying fit & healthy and also becoming all round martial artists. Students will also develop skills such as discipline, co-ordination, confidence, self-esteem & respect. All of which are vital in facing up to challenges in life and in Martial Arts.


The Endeavour Intermediate Programme is for those students who are willing to take their training to the next level. As well as perfecting the fundamentals, Intermediate students will also develop their sparring skills. They will learn the arts of points-stop and continuous sparring in a safe, educational and fun way. Intermediate students are also entitled to train up to 4 classes in a week in order to develop positively towards their Blackbelt. Intermediate training is a 9 month programme and ensures juniors, teens & adults are working towards a Blackbelt standard with the correct skills and mindset to not just reach their goals but SMASH through them!


The Endeavour Advanced Programme is the programme designed to take students to the top level and develop not only Blackbelt students but also Blackbelt human beings with the tools and skills to succeed in martial arts and in life. The Advanced programme teaches students the highest level sparring technique, forms, grappling technique, kicks, punches, combinations and drills. Advanced students are entitled to train unlimited times a week with extra classes such as the Endeavour Performance Class and Endeavour Leadership Class available to them. All Advanced students represent the ‘elite’ at Endeavor Martial Arts and personify the ‘Blackbelt Attitude’.