Our son joined the academy when it was still EastWest MMA in July of 2014. At first he was a little apprehensive about doing martial arts but as soon as he met the head instructor Mr Thorpe he soon lost any fears he had. The confidence and self belief that Mr Thorpe and the whole instructing team gave to our son was amazing. He has progressed so far and so quick and this is all down to the staff who have made us all feel like part of the family. 

When Mr Thorpe and Mrs Thorpe became the new owners and it became Endeavour Martial Arts then it became even better. The transition from a students point of view was seamless and again this is down to the awesome team at the academy. Our son has been a part of other sporting teams but none have a coach or instructor like Mr Thorpe, the positivity and confidence he give the students is out of this world, he can turn a negative into a positive at the blink of an eye. He has passed these qualities and abilities on to the rest of the instructing team which is what makes Endeavour Martial Arts stand out.

We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Thorpe, Miss Smith-Allen, Miss Maxfield and Mr Parsons  for everything they have done for our son`s confidence, ability and attitude.

Endeavour Martial Arts ROCKS