Timetable & Class Alterations


Upon re-opening next week (21st – Kids / 25th -Adults) Our time table will run with normal class times, with the following alterations to be aware of …

Class Timings – All classes will finish approx. 5 mins early and each class will start approx 5 mins later than usual to allow for additional sanitation & to allow parents & students to enter and leave safely, adhering to social distancing

Cancelled Classes – Kids & Adults BJJ will not be running until guidelines allow us to run them safely

Sparring Classes – Sparring classes will be running at normal times, However … We will be running them as non-contact ‘Sparring Drills & Skills’ classes, designed to develop all your sparring skills in preparation for when sparring classes can be re-introduced.  Sparring gloves & feet pads are required.

Please see our timetable above, copies will be available at the academy too.

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It’s all about the journey … enjoy it

It’s been said many times that a BLACKBELT and the achievement of BLACKBELT is not so much about the destination but the journey.

This is true. The journey to BLACKBELT is one full of challenges, obstacles, pain, sweat, highs and lows. But that journey is what makes a BLACKBELT, a persons ability to use the highs and lows as motivation as a driver towards that goal, is what sets a BLACKBELT human being a part from the crowd.

Any BLACKBELT will tell you the journey towards the clinching of that sacred belt is one that is worth it.

But the journey will never be complete, a true martial artist’s growth and improvement starts at BLACKBELT. The journey continues and a person’s BLACKBELT skill, will & mindset will always be tested both on and off the mats.

At Endeavour Martial Arts we continue to support and guide all our students on their journeys and develop them into the best possible BLACKBELTS in martial arts and in life.

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By Tom Thorpe
Endeavour Martial Arts Chief Instructor
4th Degree Blackbelt.

Blackbelt Mindset

Being a Blackbelt is as much about mindset as it is about kicking and punching.

A martial arts journey much like life can be full of challenges and obstacles. In order to take on any challenge put in your way it takes a mindset of a BLACKBELT.

What is a Blackbelt mindset? …. if you have a Blackbelt mindset you come back from a set back and be stronger. You can see an obstacle as an opportunity rather than an excuse. You thrive most when a goal is there to be achieved through hard work and determination.

It takes a lot to become a Blackbelt, but the biggest attribute needed is the correct mindset. Kicking and punching is the easy bit, the biggest challenge is having your mind set on becoming the best Blackbelt you can be!

Endeavour Martial Arts develops the Blackbelt mindset in every student.

But it’s down to students to use and utilise that mindset in order to reach their goals and targets both on the mats and in life.

Why not recommend an Endeavour class to a friend today, and help them achieve their goals too!!

Tom Thorpe, 4th Degree Blackbelt


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NEW YEAR … a new & more AWESOME you!!

In 2017 do you want to lose weight, look better, have more energy, be healthier and improve your memory?


Join the “Clear Nation”.


Have a drink of water. You don’t necessarily have to follow the “eight glasses a day” rule, but you do want to drink enough water to keep your body well hydrated. You can tell you’re well hydrated when you don’t feel thirsty and your urine is light-colored.  You are drinking enough once your “pee is clear.”  Start the day with a glass of water and then get to the fridge or water cooler for a refill every couple hours.


Here are ten of the major benefits you’ll reap if you stay well-hydrated…


  1. Weight Loss

Drinking water instead of soda or sugary juices will quench your thirst—minus the excess calories and plus all the benefits of helping your body flush out the byproducts of the fat and other toxins


  1. Skin Elasticity

Drinking water keeps your skin moist, supple, and elastic—thus lessening your risk of developing dry issues like dermatitis, aging skin, and infection.


  1. Muscle Efficiency

Being hydrated is essential for keeping those muscles strong, lubricated, and energized. Why? Because H20 aids the transport oxygen to your muscles so they are prepared when exerted.


  1. Balancing Mood

Because water aids in body regulation and brain function, it’s also closely related to balancing mood and emotions


  1. Temperature Control

When you overheat; you sweat. And the evaporation of sweat on your skin is the way the body cools itself down and maintains a healthy temperature. Understandably, drinking enough fluids is essential for sweating and replenishing your water supply.


  1. Memory Function

Proper hydration will improve the blood flow and oxygen flow to your brain, strengthening cognitive function and memory.


  1. Joint Lubrication

Your joints, spinal cord, eyes, and brain are surrounded and protected by water. Remaining hydrated is vital to their well being.


  1. Healthy Bowel Function

Water aids the elimination of waste material, making bowel movements and urination possible and comfortable, and excreting waste products that would otherwise poisoned the body and cause disease.


  1. Aids Digestion

Water provides the ability for your body to eat and digest food—via the water is in your saliva and within your digestive tract.


  1. Better Immune Health

Think of drinking water as your secret weapon to fighting off illnesses, improving lymph fluid within the immune system and preventing headaches, joint pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, and lightheadedness.


Training in the Martial Arts is a life style.  Health, happiness, safety, balance and strength are some of the many benefits.   Maintaining a well conditioned body starts with good hydration.


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