About Endeavour

Endeavour strives to provide martial arts training for all. With a variety of different martial arts styles making up a unique, age specific curriculum.

Endeavour incorporates styles such as Kickboxing, Karate, Jujitsu, Krav Maga and MMA to mention a few which all go to make up the curriculum, all of which provide numerous benefits to our students including; Improved confidence, co-odination, self esteem, discipline, focus, fitness, and leadership skills.

Our instructor team have many years martial arts experience, training with the world's best coaches and constantly striving to take their own training to the next level! The instructors at Endeavour pride themselves in seeing every student reach and enhance their potential and grow to become strong blackbelts, not just in martial arts but in life!

Chief Instructor Tom Thorpe has trained in martial arts since the age of 6, originally trained in Taekwondo-do Mr. Thorpe progressed towards earning his 4th Degree Blackbelt under Master Stuart Wilks in 2013. Mr. Thorpe has been teaching professionally since 2006 and had guided many students towards Blackbelt and beyond, as well as helping a range of student progress towards their full instructor qualification. Mr Thorpe has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Enterprise Management which has aided him in forming Endeavour Martial Arts in partnership with his Mum; Karen Thorpe.

General Manager Karen Thorpe has worked in martial arts industry since 2006, but has been an avid supporter since her son began training in 1998. Her professional, welcoming manner is vital in helping and supporting not only the students but parents too on their martial arts journey. Mrs Thorpe prides herself in ensuring every child, adult & family that walks in the door at Endeavour has the highest level of service and support needed.