Overweight children: advice for parents

If your child is overweight, there’s lots you can do to help them become a healthy weight as they grow.

As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to tell that your child is overweight. A child may not look particularly heavy to be overweight. And because more children are becoming heavier at a younger age, we’ve become used to seeing bigger children. 
Research shows children who achieve a healthy weight tend to be fitter, healthier, better able to learn, and more self-confident. They’re also less likely to have low self-esteem or be bullied. And they’re much less likely to have health problems in later life.
As a parent, there’s lots you can do to help your child become a healthier weight. Getting them to be more active and eat well is important. Here’s some practical advice to help you.
Steps for success
Here are five key ways you can help your child maintain a healthy weight. You can read this whole page or click on the links below to go directly to the topic you want to know about:
Martial Arts lessons are great.
1. Many schools have Very Involved Parent programs for parents looking to be role models.
2. Classes range from 45 – 60 minutes of fun exercise and movements.
3. Teachers are good examples and will talk about eating clean and fitness.
Martial Arts teaches kids a lot!! Team up with a local sensei for a fit and healthy child.